Editing/Critique Services

Fiction Critique: With this package, I will read through your work of fiction (short story, novel, etc.) and provide a thorough and professional critique/evaluation. I will highlight the strengths and weaknesses of your work, give you the opportunity to see an unbiased opinion before your work is published, offer suggestions and ideas for improvement in any/all areas, and generate a detailed evaluation of the piece.

I will be kind with my observations, but 100% honest as well. You need an honest opinion here because your readers & reviewers will not hold back after the work is published.

This package does not include editing or proofreading, but if I see glaring errors I will point them out.

The price for a detailed critique is $0.005 (half a cent) per word of your manuscript.

Developmental Editing: This is the most extensive form of editing. Some call it manuscript doctoring, comprehensive editing, or content editing. This is best done in the earlier stages of your manuscript, when the rough draft is done but you're stuck on how to move forward with revising it, or you would like someone else to help you do so.

I will be going through the manuscript line-by-line, at least twice, and checking for everything. This includes correction of: grammar, spelling, punctuation, style, flow, organization, fact-checking, suggested revisions, rewriting of awkward sentences and anything else your particular manuscript may need to help it be the very best it can be.

This service also includes a detailed editorial evaluation.

The price for developmental editing is $0.02 (2 cents) per word.

Copyediting: This type of editing is best suited for manuscripts that have already gone through extensive revision and are basically where you want them to be at publication. This level of editing is considered absolutely necessary prior to publishing.

I will go through your manuscript line-by-line and correct errors in: spelling, grammar, punctuation, incorrect word usage & style. I will also double-check any references/facts mentioned.

The price for copyediting is $0.01 (1 cent) per word.

Basic Proofreading: This is the lightest form of editing and is best suited for manuscripts that have already undergone at least a thorough copy edit and subsequent revision.

I will go through your manuscript line-by-line and correct errors in spelling, grammar & punctuation only.

The price for basic proofreading is $0.005 (half a cent) per word.

* Unless you request otherwise, all works of fiction will be edited in accordance with the Chicago Manual of Style.

* Turnaround time is dependent on the length of your manuscript, the level of editing, and my current workload.  Purely as an example, a 50,000 word novel would take around 1 week to copy edit. If you have a deadline that needs to be met, I will let you know if I feel confident I can meet that deadline.

* Please contact with any questions.

Editing Documents:

I prefer to do things electronically and edit all documents using the "track changes" feature in Microsoft Word or Open Office (your choice). This way, you can accept or reject changes within the document quickly and easily. However, if you wish to arrange sending your manuscript for a "red pen" edit by hand, I can handle that as well.

Sample Edits:

Want a sample edit done before we commence? No problem! Send me the first 3 chapters of your novel and I will choose 500+ words to edit for you and send back with no cost and no obligation. Have a short story instead? Send it to me and I will choose a portion to edit and send back (still no cost or obligation on your part). I will edit on all 3 levels for your sample edit, giving you the opportunity to compare them.

Payment Terms:

I accept PayPal (preferred), checks and money orders.

50% of the fee is due before work begins; the other half is due when I am done with your project and deliver your order. OR pay the entire editing fee up front and get 20% off!

Happy writing! :)

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