Writing Services

Blurb Writing:  With this service I will read your book or manuscript from start to finish and write a blurb for you to use on the back cover and a description for your Amazon (or BN, etc.) book page. You will be able to use this anywhere and everywhere you promote your book, if you wish.

There is a flat fee for this service: $100

Ghostwriting: Have a great idea for a book, or want to write your memoirs, but not a writer yourself? I will take your notes, anything you've brainstormed or written toward your idea, any research you've already done and do the writing for you.

You will retain 100% of the copyrights and be able to say that you are indeed the author of the work. I will not receive any royalties on the project and do not require credit. Your confidentiality will be guaranteed as I will not be telling anyone, except you yourself, that we are working on this project, anything about the specifics of the project, or that I am in any way involved with it.

Because you will be the author of the piece, and I am merely the hand that puts it all together for you, we will be working closely together through this process to ensure that we have YOUR unique voice in the writing. I want it to sound like you wrote every word!

This is a time-intensive project, so we will be going through it in increments. I prefer to focus on 1-3 chapters at a time, run it past you for feedback, and then move to the next chapter and the next until we are happy with the finished product. How long it will take me to ghostwrite your work will depend on the length of it, how much research I will need to do, and how many revisions are necessary. This process typically takes a few months to complete.

The amount of labor involved with this service will vary depending on the needs of each individual person and how much work they have or have not already put into the project. Even though I have a low (in this field) per-word-rate, there is an hourly charge for research-intensive projects.

You might provide me with your own expert research and data, or audio of you talking about your memoirs, in which case we will stick with just the per-word-rate (which includes up to 10 hours of my own research, if necessary). If I will need to do extensive research, there is a $20 per hour charge for this in addition to the per-word-rate below. 

When billed, you will be provided with a detailed report outlining what has been done on the project. You can also be provided with all necessary research notes, rough drafts, etc. any time you wish.

Prior to committing to a working relationship, we will need to discuss what your needs are in regards to your project or idea. Based on our discussion, I will be able to estimate how long your project will take me to complete and around how many words we're going for.

Ghostwriting is $0.30 per word and there is generally a deposit of 60% of the estimate to begin work on your project; the rest is due upon completion. 

We can also work out alternative payment arrangements if you would like; I'm willing to work with your individual situation and needs. For instance, you could pay for a certain number of words worth of work, pause there to see if you are happy and wish to continue, and then continue with payment for another block of X words worth of work.

Although a contract will need to be signed by both of us before work begins, you will be able to back out of the project at any time if our collaboration is not working out for you. I will send you all notes, research, anything I've already written for you, etc. at that time (once any work already completed has been paid for).

Writing can be done in Microsoft Word or Open Office - your choice.

Project Pricing Examples: Please note that these are ONLY examples.

#1: After we talk and decide we're willing to work together, you hire me to write a 20,000 word book on ancient Egyptian mythology, which will require approximately 30 hours worth of additional research into the topic on my end. At $0.30 per word + 20 hours of research @ $20 per hour (since the first 10 hours is free), this project would cost $6,400 total. The initial 60% deposit on this estimate (if we go with the usual model and don't work out alternative payment arrangements) would be $3840, with approx. $2560 due upon completion of the project. Considering the above specifics, this project would take 6-8 weeks in order to complete.

#2: You hire me to write your 50,000 word autobiography. You will be providing all the research, audio of you recounting your personal experiences, and any data or notes you've put together. I may have to do a couple hours research on certain places from your past or on the era from your memories. We would stick with just the $0.30 per word rate, and the minimal research described above would be fully included in the fee. The total cost for this project would be around $15,000 and would take 2-3 months to complete if I were to write it all at once. But let's say you would like to do this little-by-little in accordance with your budget, so we decide to do 5000 words ($1500) at a time until we get the entire project completed. The completion deadline, with the above payment arrangement model, would then be dependent on your budget.

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